Rapist Mugo Wa Wairimu Speaks After The Citizen TV’s Expose’ (Full Text)

MY PERSONAL STATEMENT; I hereby invite all Kenyans, friends and foes alike to tune in to Citizen TV tonight. I encourage as many Kenyans as possible to watch it. Nothing is more difficult in this Kenya than trying to fight against a media armed with the most technologically sophisticated equipment; The media house responsible for this took the most partisan stand in 2013 elections. They are not God and whatever they say is not and will never be gospel truth.

Serious, very serious allegations have been leveled against me. My enemies, political, business or otherwise have coalesced, in a most evil plot. This is the climax of months, no, years of scheming, with hundreds of thousands changing hands to permanently silence me. I do not intend to use this forum to defend myself or give my side of the story. I will also join the hundreds of thousands of Kenyans who will also be watching. I’ve fought many wars because of my convictions and I’m determined to take this fight to its logical conclusion.

It is noteworthy that the allegations first appeared in the timeline of Robert Alai Onyango, the axis of evil representing the views politically divergent to mine. I will in the fullness of time provide phone records proving attempts at extorting me led by non other that Alai. Out of the blues, he called me requesting a meeting. I chose not to respond to the allegations. Then, it was claimed the police were involved in a cover up plot. I challenge anyone with any such complaint against me to launch a formal complaint with the police as stipulated by the law.

Alai is not and has never been a police station. The media is not and has never been a police station. It’s high time we change our constitution to include Alai and the Media into the broader definition of what a police station is. And the police can never act on a complaint that has never been recorded in their occurrence book. Media mob justice can never be a substitute to due process. Those who know me can tell that I’m not one person you can easily intimidate into silence.

 My hardline stance and strong political convictions has earned me friends and enemies alike- And so those who think I’ll be no more after today will be deeply disappointed. It was a price that I’d to pay for refusing to conform. I was just to much to some people. It boarders on imbecility that the plotters of this scheme tried to drag President Uhuru Kenyatta’s name into it. My support for President Kenyatta is unequivocal;~ The president does not even know me in person. My support for his coalition is only a matter of principal. And this will not change at all.

The plotters of the scheme used my most trusted colleague to obtain all the ingredients in their recipe of evil. This will be another JICHO PEVU similar to those notoriously aired by Mohamed Ali. I unwittingly played perfectly into the hands of the plotters. I challenge my accusers to explain why they had to wait for dozens of episodes to happen before they raised the alarm. Any sane citizens knows that he/she has a legal duty to prevent a felony before it happens. It’s an offence under our penal code to FAIL TO PREVENT A FELONY. Why on earth did any sane individual get the time to record dozens of incidents before taking legal action. And why rush to the media instead of to the police?

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