Sharon Mundia ‘This Is Ess’ Finally Talks About Her Life

The most beautiful radio presenter and blogger Sharon Mundia populary known as ‘This is Ess’ recently decided to share her life experiences and challenges and here si what she had to say:

 Almost two months ago I had a huge meltdown (for some reason I tend to experience these moments mid-year). I don’t know if I can quite explain it but it begun with me being in such a bad mood on a Saturday afternoon.
 It then turned into a messy, ugly, tears-and- mucus-everywhere kinda situation and I sobbed for what felt like hours. Poor L had to experience the worst of it (first the attitude then the ugly cry) and did his best to handle something that must have been so confusing to him.

 It was fear – fear of disappointing my family, my colleagues, my soon-to-be husband, you guys. I just felt so much pressure and wanted so bad to remove myself from it all. Gosh, I’m fighting back tears just thinking about it.

 About two days after I experienced this meltdown, I took some time to write down all the things I’ve managed to achieve this year and allowed myself to embrace my accomplishments. This put everything into perspective for me and I was completely done with that moment! Until mid-next year, at least. Haha!

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