Shoppers Evacuated in Garden City Mall After Bomb Threat

Two suspected thugs were arrested at the Garden City Mall in Nairobi yesterday and improvised explosives recovered from them.

The thugs were ambushed by the police after being tipped off by the security guards who said the guys looked suspicious.

The newly established mall is said to be the largest in the city  and is located at  Thika road which is the busiest road in east africa.

The guards said that three people tried to sneak in with the explosives but they were immediately seen and police called.

“Our bomb experts were deployed to the compound, everyone evacuated and a search conducted to ensure no other IEDs were planted inside the mall,”  Valerie Obore confirmed the incident.

According to Valerie Obore who is the CID officer in charge of Kasarani area, all shoppers and workers were safely evacuated immediately after the scare and no one was injured in the incident.

The country has in recent years experienced major terrorist attacks in shopping malls, schools and public transport areas and security has been improved since.

Only 5 months ago, terrorists attacked students of Garissa University College in northern part of the country  Killing . 147 students and injuring a few dozens.

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