Willy Paul Finally Asks Bahati For Forgiveness

The mellow voiced controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul Msafi on Saturday, 19th September decided to bury the hatchet and make peace with his long time brother-from-another-mother Kevin Bahati.

The two had fallen out after Kevin Bahati claimed that Will Paul used to steal his songs/lyrics and use them without his consent.

The Tam Tam hit maker through his long facebook post decided to let it all out. Here is what he posted:

Today, I woke up with my heart feeling so heavy…. Feeling that there was something missing…I want to talk about a brother that I have not been in good terms with, a brother who was really a good brother before all the fame. I know many might want to hate me because they were made to believe that I stole which was never the case… so today I stand here to make peace and to ask anyone who I may have offended to forgive me…

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