Wilson Sossion Must Read This And End The Teacher's Strike ASAP!

TSC: How many days are there in a year?
TEACHER: 365 days and sometimes 366.
TSC :How many hours make up a day?
TEACHER : 24 hours.
TSC : How long do u work in a day?
TEACHER : 8am to 5pm (i.e. 8 hours a day.)
TSC: So, what fraction of the day do u work in hours?
TEACHER: 8/24 i.e 1/3 (one third).
TSC : This is nice of u! what is 1/3rd of 366 days?
TEACHER:122 (1/3 x 366=122 days)
TSC : Do u come to work on weekends?
TEACHER : No sir.
TSC :How many days are there in a year that are weekends?
TEACHER: 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays equals to 104 days.
TSC : Thanks for that. If u remove 104 days from 122 days. How many days do u now have? TEACHER: 18 days.
TSC : We do give u at least 2 weeks leave every year. Now remove that 14 days from the 18 days left. How many days do u have remaining?
TEACHER: 4 days.
TSC: Do u work on Jamuhuri day?
TEACHER: No sir!
TSC: Do u come to work on madaraka Day?
TEACHER: No sir!
TSC: So how many days rleft?
TEACHER: 2 days Sir!
TSC: Did u come to work on New Years Day?
TEACHER: No sir!
TSC : So how many days r left?
TRACHER: 1 day sir!
TSC : Do u work on Id ul fitr?
TSC: So how many days are left?
TEACHER: None Sir!
TSC : So what r u claiming? There was Easter, Christmas e.t.c What do you say about that?
TEACHER: I have understood, Sir. I did not realize that I was stealing the tax's payers money all these days.


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This is a mixture of debit and credit in all the calculation of days that the teacher has worked. Simple