‘You Are A B!tch!’ Top KTN Presenter Lashes Out A Lady Who Had Callously Attacked Him

Tim Njiru, KTN’s Ideal show host had earlier hit the news headlines for the wrong reasons after he ‘celebrated’ the hardhearted sacking of top NMG radio presenters; Anto Neosoul, Sanaipei Tande, Obinna Ike Igwe.

He recently called a lady a ‘b!tch’ after the lady confronted him on social media. Here is what transpired:

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Of all the jokes I’ve ever read! Some people though. Who is this even? What’s the name of his show again? I seem to remember someone who once lived above and beyond his means and got so bankrupt and went on Facebook to say how he is in so much debt – maybe he genuinely wanted advice , maybe he was hoping for a #kenyansforkenya response… i just saw lots of advice and the usual “I’ll pray for you”. So for someone to ride on his broke high horse calling others “complacent”, Nigga please.” The lady posted.

Tim Njiru responded bitterly: ‘’ barking bitch looking for attention’’

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