10 Most valuable team brands in sports

Forbes has just named what it think are 10 most valuable brands in sports and as usual has already caused a stir online.

The Forbes list shows big team Manchester united at number 6 behind real Madrid and a couple other teams which managed to come to the top ten list.

According to reports by CNN Money, the National Football League, had $12 billion in revenues during the 2014-2015 season, while English’s top soccer league, the Barclay’s Premier League only had a $7.8 billion deal earlier this year for three years of television broadcast rights in the United Kingdom.

The statistics by CNN clearly shows that companies are willing to invest more in the NFL and NBA teams that their soccer buddies on the other side of the ocean.

Despite Manchester united's little success over the recent years, the team still remains among one of the most recognizable on the planet as their commercial growth.

The EPL is now in a tight competition with other hosts from the NFL, MLB and NBA

Here is a list of the 10 Most valuable team brands in sports

  1. New York Yankees – $661 million
  2. LA Lakers – $521 million
  3. Dallas Cowboys – $497 million
  4. New England Patriots – $465 million
  5. Real Madrid – $464 million
  6. Manchester United – $446 million
  7. Barcelona – $437 million
  8. Bayern Munich – $375 million
  9. LA Dodgers – $373 million
  10. New York Knicks – $361 million

Via: Forbes

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