50 Cent: Empire Season 2 Ratings Are Dropping Because Of Too Many G@Y Scenes

Business magnate and American HipHop impresario curtsy Jackson popularly known as 50 cent recently expressed his disgust at the many gay scenes in the music drama, Empire.

According t statistics, the viewership for the second episode of the much anticipated ‘Empire season 2’ has dropped by 18%, approximately 2.3 million

Here is what 50 cent said:
“There are 3 million less [sic] who tuned into last night’s Empire episode!!! Did you watch it? We could not take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night,”

A representative of 50 cent, late released a statement on Huffington post to clarify the incident.

“Mr. Jackson reposted something on Instagram that originated from a blog in relation to the decrease in Empire ratings. When he realized that there was additional content in the blog post that he did not agree with, he immediately deleted the post as that is not a reflection of his views at all.”

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