Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe Supports Njoki Chege On The ‘Fat Women Diss’

Citizen Tv’s Swaleh Mdoe who is popularly known for his thought provoking  Tafakari Ya Babu segment claimed that ladies should not weigh more than 70kg for them to be healthy during a recent interview. This comes at a time when Daily Nation’s controversial columnist Njoki Chege ‘dissed’ plus-size women.

Here is what Swaleh Mdoe had said:

"I think Njoki is right because any woman who weighs 70 kilograms and above for me is fat – if you’d allow me use that word. You are not sexy. You are just a deluded big mama that needs to lose weight. For me, it’s not even the 80 kgs Njoki mentioned – I think 70 should be the ceiling weight of a sexy woman. Those curves often get lost in that bulkiness. A lady who weighs that much – I would say has a problem. Even if your waist is like that one of a wasp and your weight is over 70 kilograms, you won’t have kile ambacho Waswahili wanaita shangwe.” 

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