Forget POTUS Obama, Take A Look At This City Preacher’s Security And Convoy (Photos)

Over the past few years, controversial preacher Dr, Prophet, David Owuor has been a hot topic of discussion amongst many religious people. The outspoken man of God, who is famed for having a huge following across the nation, has attracted admires and critics in equal measures.

But while as many have accused him of misleading many gullible people to blindly believing that he is sent by God to heal them and at times causing some to lose their lives as they await a healing miracle, others have defended the Prophet’s actions claiming that he is capable of performing thunderous miracles.

Such followers recently lined up in the streets of Eldoret to welcome Dr Owour as he made his way into the town for a mega crusade. The worshipers braved the scorching sun, as
drivers were directed to pull over to let the massive crowd plus the prophets convoy, which included police escorts pass through the streets. His followers followed on foot lifting crutches
signifying healing, while lifting banners scribed the words Mighty Prophet.

Via: E!News

Below are some photos from the spectacle

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