Kenyan Man Stuck in India over Sh1.3 million hospital bill

A man from Gatundu is currently held up in a hospital in New Delhi, India over a Shs. 1.3 million hospital bill that he is unable to pay.

George Kariuki from Muthumburi village in Gatundu was diagnoside with Kidney failure on August 24 at Ladnan Hospital in Nairobi and had to trave to India since it was the best option for him to get the treatment.

He was taken to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital where he underwent the transplant successfully but he later developed complications and had to be readmitted.

His family had initially sold his piece of land at 15 million to raise the money for the transplant but due to the complications he had to pay more and didnt have the money.

The family is currently appealing to well-wishers to help bring Kariuki back home. 

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