Kenyan woman exposes her husband’s “mpango wa kando” (PHOTOS)

A Kenyan lady decided to take it to social media to exposed her husband’s mpango wa kando through the popular Kilimani Mums Facebook group.

The lady identified as Joyce Mathangani wanted to warn other ladies telling them to be careful of the husband's side dish who has broken her marriage.

She thought the other ladies would sympathize with her but what she received was a smell of her own fart.

She was accused of not servicing her husband properly and was told to go and mend her house instead of accusing other people.

Here is what she was told

-It is wrong to accuse this lady because a grown man cannot be stolen he makes grown choices so deal with him first by seeking God in prayer. You are giving the lady more confidence by being petty

-I hate this. Fight ur husband n post his photos. Its ur man who went chasing women n found her. This is old fashioned I thought women r out of such actions. Are u from rock of ages??. Your hubby has undermined u do not put ur wrath where it doesn't below. You are just proving to him how irrelevant u have become. Do not embarrass yourself my dear. Grow up. There r many weapons to fight cheating husbands.

-It takes two to tangle.. Your man is not exonerated from blame.. Start with your man.. Or else you'll chase so many women around?

-Some people should just get a life and leave it. Did this woman follow your hubby to your house and forced him to date her? sit down and sort your messes and issues with your hubby not ranting here and there!!!! this woman should sue you for defamation cos honestly some ladies surprise me. You can not take care of your man another woman will do it for you whole heartily. so keep on yapping at the end of the day she still warms his bed, the best thing sit your hubby down and talk utashangaa unadhani ni huyu pekee maybe wako 15, na sikuhizi mki cohabit for 6 months already mko married. utajua ndoa si elnino ati utajipanga eeeish

-No man is worth fighting for..if he is cheating on u with her the person to blame is u hubby!!!not the lady probably the lady is giving him services u didn't sit down and think if he is worth this whole drama!!! And note you can be sued for this*my take*

-Husbands can't be taken, kwani are they some small mindless objects. Deal with your husband. He's the real problem. Even if you embarrass this woman, hata wakiachana, he'll just pick another.

Below are photos of the alleged husband snatcher.

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