Lady rips hair of two girls because they got free soda from restaurant

A young lady has been arrested on a charge of assault after ripping out the hair of two girls because she thought they got some free soda from the restaurant, the cops in the United Kingdom said.

The 39-year-old Christine Farmer of Manchester, pleaded guilty to both counts of assault after being accused of beating the two girls at the

According to the police report, Farmer staggered into Tony's Pizza and Kebab House and ordered some French fries.

She is said to have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While she was waiting to pay, employees gave two 14-year-old girls cans of soda.

Farmer went into a jealous rage because she thought they were getting the cans for free. She beat the two teenagers and then dragged them by the hair.

The unprovoked assault only ended when a passerby pulled Farmer away from the girls.

Farmer was detained at the restaurant until police arrived, while the girls fled to a nearby store, where they waited until their parents came by to pick them up.

Farmer pleading guilty to two counts of assault and possession of cannabis. Farmer is said to have 29 prior convictions, including seven for crimes related to assault.

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