Man beheads his elderly mother believing she was a clone

A middle aged guy has been arrested on a charged for murder after he allegedly beheaded his mother because he believed she was a clone, Wisconsin police said.

According to the Sun Prairie police department, the 40-year-old Matthew Skalitzky was arrested after he was accused of killing Jane Skalitzky at his home.

According to the police report, both he and his mother stopped by his house to get something when Matthew all of a sudden snapped.

Matthew’s former roommate was downstairs when he heard Mathew'a mother shouting “no” three times before going silent.

When the former roommate went upstairs to check what was happening, she found Matthew holding a sword and Jane lying lifeless on the floor.

He immediately called 911

Matthew told his roommate that his mother was not human, but a clone. After police arrived, they quickly snatched away his sword.

He told the police officers that the woman was not his real mother. Matthew was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $1 million.

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