Mike Sonko’s Eldest Daughter Saumu Mbuvi Acquires A Brand New BMW (Photo)

Nairobi County’s flamboyant and flashy senator and philanthropist Mike Mbuvi Sonko is known to lead a larger than life lifestyle and his children are of no exception. Like father, like daughters!

Sonko’s younger daughter, Salma Mbuvi was recently spotted cruising a swanky Range Rover Sport and now it’s her elder sister, Saumu Mbuvi’s turn to shine.

Most young lasses of her age are busy looking for well paying jobs or messing up their lives with sugar daddies while she is busy enjoying living life on the first lane. She is without a doubt living life to the fullest as if there is no tomorrow.

Saumu Mbuvi recently broke the news that she has acquired an aristocratic BMW with a state of the art air conditioning through her social media page. She has even baptized the German madeguzzler,’ long time hubby.’

Check out Saumu Mbuvi’s brand new BMW:

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