One FM’s Naomi Ng’ang’a Takes A Jab At Njoki Chege

Daily Nation’s controversial columnist, Njoki Chege recently attacked ‘fat’ women mercilessly in her Saturday’s  article dubbed ‘’ Fat Women, Lets Tackle This Elephant In The Room .’’

Njoki Chege had nothing to hide when she claimed that plus size women are fat because they are lethargic and gluttonous.

Naomi Ng’ang’a who is affected directly since she is plus size decided to respond to her. Here is what she wrote:

SAVE THE ELEPHANTS: MY TAKE ON NJOKI CHEGE'S ARTICLE "Fat Women, Let's Tackle This Elephant in the Room" The thing i have come to realize about Njoki Chege is that she has an ability to intertwine truth with insult and make two things that have no relation with each other appear to have relation. The danger of such writing prowess being given a platform as powerful as a national article, is it shapes opinion. Insult and attack on something one has no biological control over should never be given the chance to shape opinion and promotes streotyping. Biology is at play here. Size 8 women do not constitute the epitome of healthiness. This is the thing, you can be size 8 and out of shape. You can have high cholestrol, be exposed to health issues at that size. So while its true that bad eating habits are dangerous, it is not true that this is unique to plus size women. The article is senseless. I'm immensely disappointed. There are many families suffering, people struggling with self esteem issues, and rather than resolve this, she chooses to attack. There is no room for a plus size woman to be healthy and whole? Some of us can never be size 8, does that doom us? Chege should take into account the already steep plight of the woman to be accepted as enough with the immense pressure that already come from society to look, dress, walk, and talk a certain way. Its about time she started being more sensitive towards peoples needs in her writing. It may require more creativity than bashing but in sure it would take her writing to the next level and help her think a little more. And hopefully become a better person.

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8 October 2015 at 07:23 delete

My opinion is that this Njoki.....has a lot to learn when it comes to writing.A seasoned writer always has a balanced outlook on the subject matter. Furthermore she seems to have personal insecurities and complexes. I rest my case.