Prostitute Bites off Mans Ear For Demanding Round two

36 year old commercial sex worker has been apprehended and charged before isolo magistrate in Nigeria for biting a man's ear.

According to police report, the man had given the lady Shs. 3,000 for a round of the precious thing. Precious allowed Omokwa only one round of it and told him that she was not ready for the second one until he paid her more money.

The two had an exchange of words and they started fighting over the pay when the lady bit off the guy's ear off.

The man immediately raised the alarm which attracted attention of the hostel workers who immediately called the police to arrest the prostitute.

The woman added that the man, Omokwa had high libido because he was drunk and was vomiting all over the room.

She also argued she gave the man what he paid for but he wasn't satisfied with round one and refused to pay for a second round.

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