Raila Comes out to defend Aladwa over Hate Speech Remarks

CORD leader Raila Odinga has come out to defend former Nairobi mayor George Aladwa over the alleged hate speech remarks he made on Tuesday during a political rally in Kibera.

Raila said he doesn't see anything wrong with the remarks saying that Aladwa was only warning the Jubilee Coalition against rigging the election in the coming 2017 polls.

“There is nothing wrong by cautioning people that they should not steal from other people. The Jubilee leaders are criticizing Aladwa for nothing,” The cord leader said.

Raila was speaking during a burial of Emily Gitu, the wife of Mau Mau Veterans Association secretary Gitu wa Kahengeri in Kilimambogo, Thika.

Yesterday a Nairobi Judge ordered the police to release Aladwa after his lawyers Anthony Oluoch and John Khaminwa argued that it is unlawful and that his arrest was for other reasons not administration of justice.

The judge also ordered Aladwa's lawyers to deposit a sh. 20,000 bail to secure his release before his case is heard and determined.

Speaking to the press, Khaminwa said “The petitioner submitted himself to the police and was not opposed to an appearance in court. In the circumstances it was reasonable to produce him in court today upon taking his statement or issue him with summons,”

IN his own defense, the ODM Nairobi chairman said that he was misquoted, even after a clear video of his making the remarks that was uploaded on social media.

Aladwa is expected to be charged with hate speech on Monday.

In case you didn't see, here is the VIDEO

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