Too Young to Drink? Sonko Daughters Get Stewed and act silly (Photo)

When it comes to controversy Mike sonko's daughters are following their papa's footsteps and are almost perfect in it.

Just the other day Salma Mbuvi was almost accused of incest when she posted a photo of her passionately kissing her younger brother. Although it was just an innocent kiss, it looked awkward and the usual KOT didn't take it lightly, they cooked her up online till she was almost pissed off.

As if you thought she cares, well she doesn't. She has just posted a new photo of her and the sister getting locked and kissing.

The ladies are currently on a vacation at the coast and probably out of control, doing whatever comes to their head. But the big question is isn't one of them too young to drink? anyway we will probably leave that to their father. Check them out.

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