Two University of Nairobi Students Assaulted and Left For Dead at Club 1824

University of Nairobi students have vowed to demonstrate and take action against club 1824 on Tuesday 27th October after two of their own were assaulted and left for dead by the club bouncers.

The student shad gone for a night out at the club which is located along Langata road and and said to have had a coupe of drinks but the exact circumstances that the led to the assault is not yet known.

SONU Chairman Babu Owino has written a letter to the inspector general of police Joseph Boinet to request permission to peacefully demonstrate along Langata road.

“As SONU Chairman, I owe it to my students to maximize their interests by reducing the risks they face in pursuit for leisure, entertainment and other co-curricular activities. Therefore I issue your office with this notice of our intention to peacefully demonstrate and picket from UoN main campus along Uhuru Highway and Langata road,” part of the letter read

Reports from the institution also say that the students board has started investigation into the matter and will have legal action if they come up with evidence against the club.

One of the students leader Ndege Serikal has vowed that the club must face the full wrath of the institution and that it will go up in flames, not even the El nino rains will stop it.

Here is Ndege Serikal's post

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