VIDEO: Kenyan Nurse Racially Abused in The Streets of Finland

As they say, "East or west, home is the best", nothing could be truer than that. It even makes more sense to people who are currently out of their homeland for various reasons.

There is a video was posted online showing a Kenyan Nurse being racially abused in the streets of Finland by a Finnish lady just for being black.

An attempt by the Kenyan to try and know why she was being abused left her even more shocked than before when the lady told her "Because you are F#@ng African Woman"

The Kenyan lady took the opportunity to record the the event probably jut to let the people know how it is like to live in countries where racial discrimination is seen as a daily normal experience.

Check out the VIDEO posted by Robert Alai

Kenyan being insulted in the streets of Finland for nothing but being black. How can a country prove to be developed when its citizens still has the mentality of people living in stone age?
Posted by Robert Alai Onyango on Friday, October 30, 2015

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