Was He A Devil Worshipper? Showbiz ‘Bad Boy’ Shaffie Weru Pens Up About His ‘Evil’ Past.

The undisputed king of radio Shaffie Weru recently left tongues wagging after he decided to open up about his life as teenager.

The controversial and scandalous millionaire disclosed has early life during a recent up and close candid media interview.

Shaffie Weru, the self proclaimed showbiz bad boy said that he was once expelled from school because of his dress code. He is an alumnus off Chuka High School.

Here is what the kiss 100 radio host had to say:

 I was the only boy in that school with pierced ears. So teachers used say that I was a devil worshipper. Back then, stories about devil worship were very rampant. The teachers used to look at me and all they could see was an agent of the devil. Students at my school were very notorious for striking. There used to be a strike every year. Amazingly, there was no strike from the day I joined until the second term of my fourth year. I remember when the students started rioting, I was sitting at some corner at the basketball court meditating. I didn't even have prior information that there was going to be a strike. But I was among the students who were expelled. I didn't even sit my mock exams. My famous status was not an easy thing. It came with its costs

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