Do You Remember Pendo? She Is Back With More Goodies (Photo)

Our land of splendor is known to have the largest number of people who are desperately seeking for unnecessary attention.

Vera sidika, Huddah Monroe and Corazon kwamboka are the top three socialites in Kenya and ever since they made it to the top of the list, we have been having other fraught wenches who have trying to become ‘famous’ easily.

I know you all know Pendo. Well, if you don’t know her, I’ll be lenient enough to tell you who she is. Pendo is the chille who almost massacred Willy Paul’s flourishing career claiming that she slept with him. She also claimed that Davido ‘tasted’ her ‘cookie’. If you didn’t know now you know.

Pendo had taken a hiatus for a while but she is back. She recently posted the below picture in her social media page to welcome back member of the Team Mafisi Sacco. You are free to buy more shares.

Check her out:

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