You Thought Kenyans eat Muguka? Wait until you see Guys in Yemen

Miraa or Khat is one of the most popular drug in Kenya . According to Nacada, Miraa is almost coming to the same level as alcohol in term of use. But did you know that Miraa is actually safer than Alcohol? we will those facts for another day.

Muguka is the top leafy part of the Khat plant, which according to the people from Meru county, is cheaper and more effective (steam) than the original and more expensive part of the plant.

Like other countries which use the plant as a recreational drug, Kenyan men, especially the youth spend most of the day chewing it like goats. Reports suggest that there are more than 30 countries in the world that consume the drug in large quantities, the top being Kenya, Yemen and Somalia.

Yemen comes at the top of the list, it is estimated that more than 70 percent of Yemeni men consume khat for recreational purposes. In fact the most profitable cash crop in the country is Khat, they have both the premium part of it and the Muguka which is cheaper.

About 80% of the people who are jobless in Yemen chew Miraa at least 3 times a week, unlike Kenya where only about 15% of the young men chew it.

Although usage of the drug is considered uncool, it is actually healthier than most of the drugs people use, like alcohol and cigarettes.

We got a few pictures of people chewing Veve and Muguka in Yemen and you can tel that this is where the headquarters are, check them out.

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