10 Things You Didn't know about Vera Sidika

Things You Didn't know about Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is a Kenyan Model and Socialite who first came into limelight after she appeared in a video by popular music group the P-Unit.

Vera Sidika was born on 30th September 1989 in Mombasa where she grew up and only moved to the capital city Nairobi about 6 years ago. Vera became popular after a group of men popularly known as "Team Mafisi" started praising her due to her huge behind and a body which is mostly admired in Africa.

Despite her wealthy lifestyle at present, Vera Sidika came from very humble beginnings and she lacked most of the basic things that most poor Kenyan families.

Although she has always kept her life a secret, there a few known facts about her that have continued to be revealed by her and the friends she grew up with.

Here are ten Facts about Vera Sidika you probably didn't know.

1. She is the Only Girl in Her Family

Vera Sidika has two brothers who she grew up with in Mombasa, but after she started her career in modelling, moved up to Nairobi and currently stays alone, She has been a couple of times hanging out with her mother but her brothers have always chosen to stay private.

2. She was Born in Mombasa

Despite having build her career in the capital city Nairobi, Vera was born and grew up in Mombasa. Her modelling career started back in Mombasa but didn't pick up until she moved to Nairobi. Unlike her greatest competitor in the socialite world Huddah Monroe, Vera doesn't enjoy talking about her past life.

3. She was Born on 30th September 1989

You probably know this by now but in case you didn't, know you now that Vera Sidika is still very young. Most people have said that she doesn't look her age probably due to her huge body and somehow mature face. Her birthday is one of those days she cherishes much in her life, judging by the fact that she always rewards herself with expensive stuff.

During her last birthday, Vera Sidika bought herself a brand new Range rover and threw an expensive party which was an invite only event.

4. She is a Business woman

This is probably one of the most controversial topics when people are discussing about Vera Sidika, some sources have previously quoted her as a prostitute but this might not necessarily be true. Vera runs an Interior design business and a beauty salon in one of the prestigious areas in Nairobi. She also sells custom designed clothes to make ends meet.

5. She Bleached Her Skin

Vera admitted to bleaching her skin somewhere in London and caused a lot of fuss online and this even increased her fame. During an interview with the BBC London, She said she decided to undergo the process in order to look more beautiful and marketable since her modelling career required her to look more presentable.

6. She came from a very humble background

Unlike Huddah Monroe who loves to remind everyone how hard her life has been, Vera loves to keep it quiet and simple. She was born in very humble circumstances, her family bare had enough to eat and pay other bills. It is her quest for money that made her work so hard to be where she is now.

7. She Enlarged Her Boobs

You probably know this by now since everybody has been talking about it. Vera did publicly admit to having enlarged her boobs, this was after her skin lighting procedure was done. And just as she said when did her skin, she said that her body is her business and therefore she has to look amazing for her to get more business.

8. She is the most popular Socialite in Kenya

Unlike most socialites who live for the moment and seem lost and caught up in the high life, Vera Sidika is smart and has managed to use her new found fame to build a brand name.

She has managed to brand herself not only in Kenya but internationally. Her business endeavors however remain a bit sketchy but its alleged that she gets paid quite a lump some for her video appearances.

9. She contested for the big brother Africa Event

Vera Sidika has strived to participate in the big brother africa a few times but she has never been successful. This has always made one of her biggest competitors in the socialite world Huddah Monroe to think that she is a step ahead of her. Some sources have also said that at one point during the selection process, Vera decided to  remove her underpants just to impress the judges but it didn't go well.

10. Her boyfriend is a Nigerian Oil Tycoon 

Her flashy lifestyle is said to be funded mostly by her rich boyfriend who is an oil tycoon from Nigeria. But details are also sketchy since she has been spotted with a few other wealthy men who seem so close to her. She has also been making numerous trips to Nigeria, confirming the rumors that most of her rich guys are from there. 

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