100 Unique Kenya Baby Girl Names

If you are looking a perfect name to call your new born baby, then you have come at the right place. We have over 100 name suggestions for you.

Before we dive into the names, Congratulations on your new born baby, or if you are expecting one.

One thing to keep in mind is that most Kenyan names are given according to the circumstances surrounding the birth. The first names are usually western or biblical and you can decide to call your baby any names you wish.

This list is only for girl names that are unique, if you have a boy then you can check out second article which has unique names for a Kenyan baby boy.

  1. Amina
  2. Halima
  3. Hawa
  4. Ayah
  5. Aisha
  6. Asha
  7. Akina
  8. Sakina
  9. Fatuma
  10. Fatma
  11. Aleela
  12. Aluma
  13. Rehema
  14. Rahima
  15. Rahma
  16. Saidi
  17. Habiba
  18. Mwanaisha
  19. Wakesho
  20. Natasha
  21. Tasha
  22. Sau
  23. Mariam
  24. Saumu 
  25. Nustra
  26. Bisha
  27. Arafa
  28. Zaitun
  29. Shakila
  30. Zena
  31. Zainabu
  32. Salma

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