Another Woman exposes her cheating husband badly on Kilimani Mums

in case you haven't heard by now, there is a Facebook group called kilimani mums which has been trending everywhere for all the bad reasons.

Most ladies who are members of the group are said to be desperate and looking for ways to get out of their marriages rather than fixing the situations.

There is an estranged woman who has decided to expose her cheating husband through the popular Kilimani Mums page.

The woman secretly went through her husband’s Whatsapp messages and found that he was cheating on her with another woman.

He has been lying to his clandestine lover that he separated with his wife and she flew to Europe after they divorced. However, all these are lies since they are still living together but he can’t zip up his trousers.

See the Whatsapp messages between her husband and his mpango wa kando that the woman leaked on Kilimani Mums group.

here are the screenshots,

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13 November 2015 at 16:31 delete

big lie who is sending messages i tought the husband should be the marked ones right???!