Caroline Mutoko Explains why she has never been married

Last week blogger robert alai posted some nasty things about former radio presenter caroline Mutoko. But one thing that might have made caroline angry was the fact that alai called her a whore, who screwed everyone on her way up.

And although Caroline decided not to argue with alai, there is no doubt she must have felt pretty bad about it.

Caroline, who has never been married despite her old age, has repeatedly been quoted saying how she is waiting upon the lord to give her a husband. In one of her recent tweets, she said she cannot work according to her time and that the Lord is the only one who 'knows'

The former radio queen is currently 42 years old and according to Robert Alai, she has been promiscuous all her life, using her body to get money and favors and no wonder most of the guys have just been using her.

But Mutoko is still hopeful that maybe she will get someone who loves her and want to settle down, check out her tweet.

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