Caroline Mutoko Makes Robert Alai Look Stupid after the blogger insulted her on social media

When Robert Alai decided to fire shots at Caroline Mutoko, he was definitely not prepared for what she was going to throw back at him.

Mutoko decided to send a sarcastic message to the blogger, probably trying to make him look sheepish and shut him completely.

Here is the post

“It has come to my attention that a lot of nasty things are being said about Robert Alai this morning. This simply must stop.

Robert Alai Onyango is a lovely gentleman of very clear passions and astute thinking. I'm sure whatever he had to say about me can only be commendable, pretty, flowery and wonderful.

Anything else can only be the result of a hack on his account or a creation of malicious people trying to taint Alai's image.

I do know that he thinks of me, and speaks of me often and in glowing terms;-) Robert - here's a Kiss and a smile to assure you that I don't believe the nasty things being said about you. Watasema, kisha watalala. Don't be troubled.”

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Heheheheeeeeee. Am not there. #HidingUnderATable