Childbirth and breastfeeding Linked to lower death risk in women

A new study has shown that chances of women dying of cancer and other leading causes of death can be significantly reduced by either giving birth or engaging in breastfeeding.

The research was revealed after a study by researchers from the school of Public Health at Imperial college in London England involved 323,000 women who were monitored for about 13 years who were followed up in terms of their health and death.

Out of more than 4.4 percent of the women who died during the study women who ave birth were shown to have a lower risk of dying from cancer. The statistic also improved further to those who had two children as compared to those who only had a single child and those who didn't have any.

At the beginning of the study, participants completed questionnaires and interviews about diet, lifestyle characteristics and medical history.  Each woman was followed for an average of 12.9 years, and their risk of death calculated over this period. In this time there were 14,383 deaths overall, which included 5,938 deaths from cancer and 2,404 deaths from circulatory system diseases.

The researchers found that women who had given birth had a 20 per cent reduced risk of death than those who had not.

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