Corazon kwamboka finally reveals her age

There are a number of reasons why most women don't like telling their age. Although age is just a number, that number goes up every year and as women get older the more they become uncomfortable telling it to the world.

They even become more hesitant when they have to do it to a man who is hitting on them. That is why you will find some especially Kenyans who stay 23 for 5 years.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka is one of those local celebs who has always kept her age a secret. She recently gave us a hint but we are not sure if she is telling the truth.

According to her, she was born in 1992, which means she is 23, having attended Nairobi university for 4 years and Done a 1 year Advocates training at the Kenya School of Law completing in 2014.

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