DJ Creme De la Creme Finally Apologizes to His Fans and Family

DJ Creme De La Creme has finally come out to apologize to his fans, his family and Halima over the sex tape that was leaked online.

According to him, he deeply regrets living careless and free in the past and is taking full responsibility over the take.

Here is his Letter he posted on Instagram

The past 48hours have not been easy. My past, care free and reckless, has come to the light. The manner in which it did is unfortunate, nonetheless, it needs me to meet it head on.

My guilt is beyond doubt. My shame is enormous. I admit my wrong and take full responsibility for it. 
A lot has been said, tweeted, updated and illustrated. A lot of harsh words, a barrage of jokes, but at the same time, a flurry of encouraging communication from my fans, friends, colleagues and family. All is noted, appreciated and taken to heart. I shall reflect on it all. 

To my family, I truly I am sorry. You are my rock, the foundation upon which I find strength. I sincerely apologise for bringing shame to our trust, your names, persons' and legacy. I humbly seek your forgiveness, your grace and mercy. Please forgive me. Thank you for holding my hand in my time of failure. You have always been and will always be my No. 1 fans and for that I am grateful and will eternally be. To my son and daughter, daddy made mistakes in the past like any other human being but he still strives to be a better person for you and mum. 

To my friends, colleagues and associates, thank you for the reprimand that came hard and heavy from all. Moreover, the words of encouragement and support that followed. I have let you down and seek your forgiveness. 

To Halima, I apologies for the trouble this has caused you, your daughter and your family. I am sorry for the exposure and ridicule this whole situation has cause. 

To my fans, asante for standing by me. Helping me keep my head up through this, while still letting me know the cold hard truth of my mistake. 

I am a man fallen from grace and I humbly accept this. In my imperfections I accept the fault. Thank you all for playing a part in making me a better human being. I assure you, fan or not, that I have learnt my lesson.
Even in defeat there's a valuable lesson learnt. Cheers #BeEpic

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5 November 2015 at 11:32 delete

We are with you man. We all make mistakes but how many of us ever apologize??