Exposed: How Serena Hotel Managers Have Been Sleeping with Junior Employees for favors

A female employee at the Serena Hotel has shared details of how the hotel managers ask for sex in order to grant favors to junior employees.

Apparently the  hotel casual workers must sleep with the managers before they can be given jobs at the hotel and those who are working on contract also have to do the same in order to get permanent employment.

The frustrated employee who decided to share the information with blogger Robert Alai also said that sometimes if you ask a question about why things are the way they are, you are threatened and your only choice is to keep quiet if you need to keep your job.

Here is the post shared by Alai

Hello Alai, hide my identity. I work with the serena hotels in one of their lodges here in kenya as a casual. I have worked as waiter for the last 4 years as a casual. It's here that some are being employed permanently in exchange of sexual favors while those who don't fall for it remain casuals for ever qualifications notwithstanding.

If you ask, you are threatened with the sack. Most of us got the casual job with the promise that we shall be employed permanently or even given contracts after a period not exceeding 6months. This isn't forthcoming to date. We as casuals do the donkey work but not enjoy allowances like service charge yet the few who are permanently employed enjoy.

We r not paid when we go for leave. Every year we are promised to get employed but nothing happens hence my forth year. My question is, how long should one take to be employed permanently or even work on contract in serena? Why are we made to do the bulky work yet nothing to show for it? Us The long serving waiters are suffering with no one to fight for us. How much longer should we wait?

Also remember that as a casual you can't be pregnant, if you are a woman coz if you do then you are sacked. Women can't bear children for fear of the sack since they are casuals. Isn't this slavery? Families can't stand this."

How Serena responded 

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