Gospel Artist Willy Paul Busted Drunk Driving

Gospel artist Willy Paul has once again bee caught drunk and this time its even worse than before.

Willy Paul was spotted by a couple of people drunk and unable to navigate his car while entering Thika road Mall. He is said to have been in the company of a few other buddies who were all dressed in white.

One guy who saw him tried to take a video but wasn't so clear as he was afraid of his life after receiving death threats from the Groove award winner.

"Ntakuua wewe" Willy Paul and his buddies were heard saying to the guy trying to act paparazzi. The guy felt threatened and could only get short video below.

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9 November 2015 at 20:24 delete

This is a pathetic lie, whats it about desperation of wanting to get popular that you want to destroy someones name. That video is so fake and you know it!! A picture and a video were willy paul is not even present.