Here is What The Comrades Are Planning to do to Anne Waiguru

Following the rampant corruption in various Government departments, SONU leader Babu Owino has decided 'enough is enough' and that the university comrates have a plan to help the country come out of it by weeding out the corrupt officials 

In a post on his social media account, the student leader told President Uhuru Kenyatta to quickly take charge of the Country and strengthen the war on corruption before the situation gets out of hand.

He also said he is planning to mobilize his fellow comrades so that they can forcefully eject corrupt Government officials like Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Ann Waiguru whose office has reported serious corrupt deal in recent times.

Here is his post.

“I highly condemn the alarming rate of corruption in this country. Mr President Uhuru rise to the occasion and take charge of the country which is now going to the dogs.We as comrades will eject the lords of corruption from their offices forcefully if you can't send them packing.” 

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