Here is Why Singer Diamond Is Afraid Of Going Through Zari's Phone

Regardless of the situation, it is never s good idea to snoop on your partner, and this has always been said but it never seems to get into people's head.

During a recent interview with one of east Africa's finest singer Diamond platinuzm, the was asked if he ever reads his wife's text messages. Diamong said the that is "one thing i will never do"

"I known he is a human being and if you consider he is also a famous person so there are many people who text her and sometimes she might text back and i might end up being hurt because i love her. The texts most of the time mean nothing but because she is my wife i might fell jealous and things might not go well"

“My phone doesn’t have a password and I always leave it anywhere in the house but believe Zari doesn’t snoop around. I believe she’s not that kind of person. Snooping brings a lot of arguments in marriages.

 So I advise guys against secretly going through your partner’s phone. The important thing to focus on is if she loves you, respects you and cares for you. Those are the most important things.”

Here is the video of the interview.

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