High miraa intake lowers men's sexual performance and sperm quality - study

New study has revealed the high intake of Khat (Miraa) affects men's sexual performance and could lead to heart attacks.

The study which was released on sunday by scientist from the Moi university shows that the consumption of khat increases blood pressure 

"The consumption of the drug also results in a rise in blood pressure but does not cause cancer as has been reported in some quarters," said lead scientist Ochiba Lukanda.

According to Lukandia, a similar research in the middle east showed that men who stopped chewing miraa performed better in bed.

He said that the ingredients in the plant affect the quality of sperm after long use, adding consumption also results in mental disorders, mood swings and depression.

Doctor Lukandia said that him and his team are doing more research to determine if there are any other serious health problems which can be caused by the drug. 

He called on wellwishers and the government to avail more funds to conduct similar and other researches that can benefit Kenyans. 

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