Hips Don't Lie: Vera Sidika Shows off her Sexy body after Months of Intense Workout

Socialite Vera Sidika’s big booty has always been a subject of discussion as majority of Kenyans question whether it’s real or fake.

We all know that she added a little plastic stuff but not to her natural figure which has always left team mafisi asking for more.

The greatest secret to Vera Sidika's super nice body is her commitment to the gym, since last year when she announced she has officially embarked on a journey to weight loss and perfect body, Vera has never looked back.

If you compare her photos before and after the gym, you will notice a huge different. The looze excess fat has now been replaced by a tighter and perfectly shaped body. Check her recent photo + caption;

queenveebossetWhen the Abs are Low-Key forming...
Quick snap before hittin the gym.

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