'I Did Not Call Vera Sidika a Prostitute' Octopizzo

The war between Kaligraph Jones, Octopizzo and Rabbit was put aside and the trio posed for a photo during Janet Kanini’s charity concert, Juliani took to social media and mocked them by claiming that they are “baby rappers”.

The post prompted a new online war between the four artists and various Kenyans have come out to express their opinions as to who is the king of hip hop in Kenya.

AS everyone was busy arguing, a Vera Sidika impersonator  decided to throw in a little bit of her own stuff probably to change course of things and went on to Octopizzo and Juliani.

The person alleged that Octo and Juliani dropped out out of school to become rappers but the response she got left her covered in shame.

Octopizzo decided to fire back at the alleged Vera Sidika telling her she also dropped out of school to become a prostitute.

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