Kalekye Mumo Reveals When She Lost Her Virginity

Popular Kiss 100 radio presenter Kalekye Mumo has finally revealed when she lost her virginity and it's not what many had expected.

Kalekye who was being interviewed on Kiss 100's Celebrity Quickfire where celebrities are asked quick personal questions for fans to know them better.

The interesting part was where she was asked when she lost her virginity and she said 28. Well we can't judge but if that's true, then she is a very unique and disciplined Kenyan lady.

Here are the questions and her answers:

1. Who is your favorite kenyan rapper?

       Abbas Kubaf 

2. What Color Underwear are you wearing?


3.  Have you ever taken nude pictures?


4.  Have you ever received Nude Pictures from a Dude?

     Maybe well, yes

5. Do you think Kenyan Gospel artists are conning Kenyans?

    Only God can judge

6. At what age did you lose your virginity?


7. If tomorrow you woke up as Shaffie Weru, what is the first thing you would do

   take a leak

Here is the Audio:

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