Late Murimi Wa Kahalf's Wife Flaunts Her New Man Just Months After death of husband

Just a few months after “Ino Ni Momo” singer Murimi Wa Ka-Half passed away, his wife Zariah has remarried another man.

The wife, who is alleged to have played a part in his death, is already over her past and has decided to resettle with another man.

Zariah has been all over the social media flaunting his new guy with no regrets at all.

According to rumors, Zariah was having an affair with the same man when her husband was still alive and at one point they had a fight over the same. 

Here are the photos she posted on social media.

Zaweriah Pastor . I dont know where people got this thing which r not in bible (Ati ngingo ti ndinuku) my sister it lleaves me wondering at what time of life does the neck cuts, after one dies.. People gives wrong opinions

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