More than 100 Kenyan MPs to travel to The Hague to attend Assembly of State Parties

More than 100 Members of Parliament have applied for visas to travel to The Hague to attend the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) meeting.

According to sources, the MPs who will be using the government budget to travel to the Hague, will be attending a meeting between between November 18 and 26 and the government has already written to the Dutch embassy to request for the visas.

Those who are set to attend the meeting will start traveling there from Monday. "They made applications for visas in a group and they are being looked into," said an informed official who asked not to be named. Senate deputy majority leader Charles Keter (Kericho) confirmed more than 100 MPs had applied for visas.

Although it has not been made clear who is paying for the travel costs, some sources have said that it is the government paying.

In case you don't know,it is actually unnecessary for 100 Mps to attend the meeting, even a quarter of that number can do more than required. 

The MPs to attend the session want to go there to put a fight application of a rule on admission of prior recorded testimony in the trial of Deputy President William Ruto.

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