Nyali MP to construct mnazi bars using Money from the CDF

Nyali member of parliament Hezron Awiti is planning to construct three Mnazi pubs this year for lovers of the wine where they could enjoy without police interference.

Speaking during a local Baraza, the MP said “These will be places where women selling mnazi will be doing business without any harassment,”

He said that the bars will be located at Kadzandani, Frere Town and Ziwa la Ngomb’e areas and their construction will be funded by the CDF.

And just to silence those who were doubting him, the Awiti reminded everyone that Mnazi is not illegal and does not pose any health risks to the drinkers.

The MP accused the police of taking advantage especially to the women who sell the brew, harassing and taking money from them illegally.

“If they want to stop the mnazi business then they should also hit the brakes on the wine, whiskey and beer business.”

He said that the olice know that the brew is not illegal but they just threaten the poor sellers who dont know the law with arrests.

He said that the police should give an explanation as to why the have been arresting the sellers and drinkers illegally.  

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