Police officer Arrested For having S3x with a Form 2 Student

Police in Karatina have arrested an Administration Police officer accused of being in a love affair with a form two student at Gathehu village, Mathira East district.

The officer, attached to Gathehu AP post, was arrested after his illicit affair with the minor was discovered by her mother who found love letters written by the officer in their house.

Speaking at Karatina District Hospital where the minor was undergoing tests, the mother said that she was searching for a document in the house when she stumbled on the letters.

She said after discovering the letters, she questioned her daughter who admitted having an affair with the officer who she alleged tricked her after buying her presents.

She said that her daughter confided to her that the officer befriended her three months ago after visiting their kiosk in the local trading center.

The girl (name withheld), said that she had been sent by her mother from Kangeta to Maua town to collect money from an aunt, but the aunt never showed up.

The girl said that when darkness fell, she decided to walk back home but was approached by Mwenda, who offered to take her to her aunt’s house.

On reaching the destination, Mwenda is said to have asked the girl for fare, but the girl only had twenty shillings which she offered to him.

The driver allegedly refused and asked for two hundred shillings.
The girl says that Mwenda then forcefully undressed her and forced her to have sexual relations with him in the car.

A senior police officer at Laare police station, who spoke on request of anonymity, said tests from the hospital they took the girl to tested positive of sexual intercourse with bruises in her genitalia.

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