Senator Mike Sonko Adopts Poor Woman’s Child And Gives Her A Job As His Assistant

Two days a go senator mike shared a story of one lady who sells potatoes on the streets with her baby on her back.

The lady going by the name Hellen Nasikei has been living in the streets of Nairobi where she forks and takes care of her children.

Nasieki only owns a wheelbarrow which she uses to hawk sweet potatoes, at least to raise daily house fee and put a meal on the table.

After sharing her story, Mike Sonko didn't exactly know what do do about her and seems to have gone to look for advice from his friends.

On his social media page he said " i really don't know what to do for Nasieki" But now he seems to have figured it out.

The senator has decided to adopt Hellen's child and employ her as his house assistant, here is what he shared

I proposed to adopt her daughter Christine and to also work closely with Hellen Nasieki as my home assistant

I paid her rent for one year and fully stocked her business (in addition to the cash raised through Ndung’u Nyoro’s friends). I also bought household items for her including Blankets,Matresses,Utensils,and other food stuff so as to assist her start her new life. 

Nasieki's daughter will be joining baby Osinya, whom he adopted about a year ago when his mother was shot dead during a terrorist attack in Mombasa.

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10 November 2015 at 14:52 delete

If there's a leader in Kenya who feels the plight of the poor and hopeless ppl, it's sonko... U respect him for that, and these days he has stopped those funny behaviors, I think he's getting closer to my vote.

10 November 2015 at 16:41 delete

Sonko I advice you to crusade your kind heart without footing with cruel hearts of kabogo kuria muthama aladwa Uhuru ruto kamanda waititu

11 November 2015 at 13:00 delete

God uses the wealth of the wicked to take care of the orphans widows and the vulnerable in the society