SHOCKING: MP Exposes Sex Toys That Devolution Ministry Bought (Photos)

If the condom dispensers and expensive pens that the ministry of devolution bought shocked you, then you haven't seen anything yet.

According to a recent expose, the ministry of devolution bought sex toys and a CorelDraw software that cost 3.4 million.

Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura has exposed on social media the sex toys that the devolution ministry bought  that were previously not made public during the recent expose.

Kenyans are now demanding that the minister come up with an explanation as to why such things were bought with taxpayers money.

Here is what Mwaura Posted.

“Fellow Kenyans. These people at the ministry of devolution also bought a male penile vibration at kshs 2400 and a female venial vibration at kshs 3800. This country has sunk this low really. This is according to documents the PS in that ministry has given to PAC.” Wrote Mwaura.

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5 November 2015 at 23:43 delete

Hehehe how authentic are these documents. Anyway, can't fault a person for being adventurous😊