The Boy died an Hour after Leaving Pool : All parents should read this

A 10 year old american boy from New Jersey USA died more than an hour after leaving a swimming pool and walking home with his mother.

Doctors found out later that Johnny Jackson died from a condition known as "Dry Drowning" which can kill hours after being submerged in water.

During an interview,Johnny's mother Cassandra Jackson told a local TV station that: "I've never known a child could walk around, talk, speak and their lungs be filled with water."

Johnny must have got some water in his lungs while he was swimming in his local pool at Goose Greek, South Carolina. He didn't show any signs of respiratory distress, but he had an accident in the pool and "soiled himself", she told

His mother said she bathed him and he told her he felt sleepy. When she went on to check on him later she saw his face was covered in a "spongy white material". He was rushed to hospital but it was too late.

According to Dr Daniel Rauch, pediatrician at New York University Langone Medical Center, there are three important signs that all parents and carers should look out for: difficulty breathing, extreme tiredness, and changes in behaviour. All three symptoms normally result from the brain not getting enough oxygen because of water in the lungs.

"death secondary to asphyxia while immersed in a liquid, usually water, or within 24 hours of submersion".

Dry drowning can happen not only in a pool but in may other places where a child can inhale water

Common Symptoms of Dry Drowning 

Chest pain
Trouble breathing

Feeling extremely tired

Apart from these common symptoms, your child may show a change of behaviour such as drop in energy level or irritability and this could mean that the brain is not getting enough oxygen.

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