This Premier League player is way faster Usian Bolt

Its Official, Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin is actually way faster than the fastest man Usain Bolt making him now the world's fastest man. 

If Usain Bolt and Hector were to run the first 40 meters, Hector will sprint and leave Usain steps behind. Many have refuted the suggestion, but the BBC have now confirmed that Bellerin’s sprint time is much quicker than Bolt’s first 40m when he set his 100m world record with a time of 9.58 seconds back in 2009.

Despite His fast sprint the Spanish international doesn't believe he could outrun Usain. ‘Well I obviously I’d fancy it but there’s nothing I think I could do. Obviously he’s a sprinter and he’s the fastest man in the world,’

‘I know I’ve seen a lot of people saying I’m faster than him but it’s always different with a ball at your feet and that’s what my job is about so I would not try and beat him.’

Maybe Usain might feel threatened and ask for competition in future, but he hasn't commented yet. 


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