Waiguru's office Sh1.7 million TV, Sh450,000 condom dispensers raise suspicion

New report by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee has found that the Devolution ministry spent Sh450,000 for 18 custom-made condom dispensers.

The ministry's asset register has also revealed Sh1.7 million was spent for a single TV screen in CS Anne Waiguru's office and Sh12 million for an office partition, in the 2013/2014 financial year.

The reister which was presented to the committtee by PS Peter Mangiti, listed purchase of a copier machine at Sh1.5 million, while Sh1.9 million was spent for free downloadable Adobe software and Sh250,000 for ten flashdisks.

Other purchases that raised eyebrow include;

20 Ball point pens, fine tipped, blue each costing Sh8,700 at a total cost of Sh174,000.
Two IPAD tablets each costing Sh180,000 amounting to Sh260,000.
One DVD player costing at Sh45,000.
100 4GB Flash disks each costing Sh2,420
One Piano costing Sh235,900.
Payment of supply of Kaspersky security kit cost Sh973,780.
One Laptop at Sh206,000.
Two visitors chairs each costing Sh56,950
Business cards Sh1.5 million.
100 Keyboards and adaptors each costing 40,000

The Devolution ministry is said to have lost Sh45 billion which it collected from the Eurobond floated by the government.

Late last month, Cord leaders blamed the government on the Euro bond money saying that it has been misappropriated but no one listened. 

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4 November 2015 at 20:09 delete

She is the most corrupt woman not only in jubilee gv't but under the sun and she is doing it by pride and bravery....uhuru must be behind this naughty game,if not,doesn't he see this???

4 November 2015 at 20:13 delete

She must be the most corrupt woman not only in jubilee gov't but under the sun,uhuru should be responsible of all these if he isn't doesn't he see this trouble???