Waiguru's Son Allegedly Owns a Shs. 15 Million Car, Connect the dots

Devolution minister Anne Waiguru is still being pursued by many Kenyans to resign or step aside from the office and let the authorities carry on with the investigations.

This is not the first time the minister has faced corruption allegation. a few months ago he was faced with one of the biggest scandal ever witnessed in the country where billions were lost in the NYS Kiera rehabilitaion project.

As Kenyans still talk about Waiguru, there is a small detail that has emerged. Rumor has it that her son Ian Waiguru just bought an Aston Martin car worth Shs. 15 miillion.

Ian who is an entrepreneur and runs a small company  is alleged t have bought the car with money that no one knows where it came from.

According to rumors, Ian could not have afford that kind of a car, since the company is sill young and is nearly impossible to  pull that kind of cash.

Here is a video and some photos of the car.

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